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With a diverse career in education and marketing since 1982, Sessie Naidoo has thrived and enjoyed the journey of serving people. She currently continues to offer her services in the financial industry wherein lies her passion.

After graduating with a bachelors degree in Education, she started her career as a secondary school Phys Ed and English teacher for 10 years in South Africa. After teaching, she followed her financial career for nearly 10 years with Old Mutual, one of South Africa’s largest Insurance companies.

Sessie emigrated to Canada with her family in 2002. She started her financial services career in 2003, with CIBC. Being a new immigrant, Sessie was inspired to help other immigrants successfully plan and adapt to their adoptive country, while avoiding the debt trap.
Being a personal banking consultant was her stepping stone into the insurance industry in 2010. Sessie’s vision was to help clients on a holistic basis as she gained a wealth of experience working in career offices at Desjardins Financial, La Capitale Insurance company and as mortgage agent with Mortgage Alliance.
With her many years of training and experience, Sessie is passionate about helping clients make the best decisions for their family. With 12 years of living and working in beautiful Vancouver, Ottawa is now home. 
She uses inquiring techniques, empathy and understanding to establish the client’s needs. With the digital age of financial information overload facing clients today, she takes pride in listening and offering the best solution. She delivers small group information sessions and seminars especially for students and new immigrants as and when needed.

Whether its helping clients plan for retirement, saving for their children’s education, or buying their first home, Sessie’s goal is to make a difference, one family at a time.

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