Disability and Critical Illness

  • Would you need a monthly income if you didn’t die, but became disabled instead?
  • Does your business profit from your daily activities?
  • Would you try to run your business if you were partially disabled or sick?
  • How much does your family need to maintain the same standard of living?
  • Are you or family members on prescribed medication?

How can I help?

  A simplified approach to offering complex living benefit solutions to the Canadian consumer which has been revolutionary in the insurance industry. We provide the self-employed and small business owner with insurance solutions specifically designed to meet their needs.

With over 45000 policyholders we’ve paid out over $164 million in benefit claims over the past 15 years.

The Edge Benefits continued to grow to become the largest independent distributor of living benefits in Canada and in 2015 became a proud member of the Co-operators Group of Companies.

Simply Peace of Mind! Fastest A – Z Coverage:

  • No Medicals OR Simplified  Issue Life Insurance
  • Get No Obligation Quote
  • High Coverage amounts at Competitive rates
  • Full Protection from Day One
  • More Free Benefits than any other Life Insurance Company
  • Four Plans Available

  •  You’re a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work or study permit?
  • You have some health problems?
  • You’re hard to insure?
  • You have a dangerous job or participate in hazardous or extreme sports?
  • You don’t like needles or medical exams?
  • You just want your coverage fast?

Consider No Medical or Simplified Issue Life Insurance!